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Remote learning for year 5 is currently available through the Year 5 Class team. Please log into Microsoft teams to access this.

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Jubilee Celebrations – 27th May 2022

On Friday, the school celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In Year 5, children decorated wooden bunting before joining the rest of the school for a very special ‘street party’ style lunch on the playground.

Ukulele – Summer term

Since Easter, Year 5 have been learning the Ukulele with Mrs Hampton. So far we’ve learnt three different tunes and the chord of C and F!

World Book Day – 3rd March 2022

Today children were invited to wear a hat to school to link with our trilogy of ‘Hat’ texts by Jon Klassen. Year 5 enjoyed reading some picture books and writing their own version of ‘This is not my hat’. In the evening, it was lovely to welcome many of the class back for cosy a cosy bedtime story session.

Science experiment – 4th February 2022

In science, children have been studying changes of materials. In this lesson, they were looking at non-reversible changes and the action of bicarbonate of soda when mixed with vinegar. They learnt that when these two substances are combined, carbon dioxide is produced which causes the balloon to inflate.

WB 17th January 2022

As part of our English work reading the book, ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ by Onjali Raúf, Year 5 have explored the lives of refugees and written letters to our Home Secretary urging her to be more accepting and understanding towards them. The children have been very empathetic and passionate about their support for helping to educate people about the difficulties and discrimination refugees can face.

Bikeability – WB 29th November 2021

Many of the Year 5 children braved the cold and wet weather to take part in their Level 2 Bikeability award this week. Children practised various skills on the playground first before setting off on the roads with their instructors.

Serve a Salad – 13th December 2021

Our Design and Technology unit this term has been ‘Serve a Salad’. Children have: continued to explore the Eatwell plate and what makes up a healthy, balanced diet; practised their chopping and grating skills; tasted lots of different salad ingredients from different countries; and designed and made a salad for a chosen teacher. They had a lot of fun working together to make their salads in the last week of term.