All children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are offered the maximum opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally and socially within a safe environment that is both stimulating and caring. A wide range of high quality indoor and outdoor experiences which challenge, stimulate and extend their learning support children in developing their natural desire, interest, excitement and motivation to learn. Children learn to become confident and independent decision makers, ready for the next stage of their primary education. All children are encouraged to develop care, respect and appreciation for others, including those with beliefs, cultures and opinions different from their own.

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Supporting Documents

Below are some documents that may support in developing understanding of the EYFS and of child development.

Christmas in EYFS

Wriggly Nativity

It was showtime for Nursery and Reception this week. They have spent the half term rehearsing lines, learning songs and practicing dances and it all came together in their fantastic performance of the Wriggly Nativity. It certainly was wriggly at times!  Thank you to all of the EYFS team who took on additional roles as casting directors, costume designers, choreographers and stage managers! The children performed beautifully, have learnt about the real meaning of Christmas and hopefully may have been inspired about a future career in theatre! It was wonderful to be able to welcome our families into school to watch the show and to see the children’s delighted faces on spotting their family. Thank you to all!

Christmas Craft

The children have also been engaging in lots of creative activities and play this week. The children have been developing their fine motor skills through making decorations and their creative and literacy skills through creating Christmas cards for their families. There’s also been Christmas dressing up in the home corner, independent card and list writing, Christmas bauble making and generally lots and lots of glitter!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Early Years Team