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Remote learning for year 6 group is currently available through the Year 6 Class team. Please log into Microsoft teams to access this.

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Tuesday 7th June 2022 – Real-life maths

Today we researched flights to our chosen dream destination, comparing the cost of flying from different airports whilst taking into account other factors such as travel to/from the airport and the cost of petrol and parking. We had so much fun exploring airline websites and planning our holiday. Next lesson, we will be looking at accommodation and catering options and finding the best deals out there.

Thursday 19th May 2022 – Surprise Craft Afternoon

Today we created our own pencil pots with a built-in picture frame. We had so much fun! Thank you to our guest Debbie for our craft afternoon and for providing us with all the materials we needed.

Monday 25th April 2022 – Science – Investigating shadows

Today we were building on our knowledge from Year 3, further investigating how shadows are formed and spotting patterns in our results. We firstly set up our fair test, ensuring we were all clear on our independent, dependent and control variables. We carefully followed the method, taking 3 repeat measurements of our shadow in order to find the average. We found that the size of the shadow depends on the position of the object and the screen; the further the puppet was from the screen, the longer the shadow.

Next lesson we will be plotting our averages on a line graph, drawing further conclusions from our data and evaluating our fair test.

Tuesday 15th February 2022 – D&T – Designing and making a bridge

During D.T this half term Year 6 have been learning about different types of bridges, exploring and investigating ways to reinforce materials, strengthen weak areas and ensure stability. In teams, children competed in designing and building their own bridges in line with set design criteria- using only paper-based materials (no plastic allowed). Some of the bridges made were not only strong enough to withstand the specified weight but also, members of the class.

Tuesday 1st February 2022 – Class of the week prize – pizza making

Monday 17th January 2022 – Lapworth Museum of Geology

Today we visited the Lapworth Museum of Geology, located on the grounds of Birmingham University.

We were welcomed by the very knowledgeable Lizzy, who introduced us to Roary the Allosaurus. We used the fossil evidence to further understand what Roary ate, how he hunted and even, how he died.

We then explored the museum on our own and went on a ‘Geology Hunt’, finding out lots of information about the Precambrian, Carboniferous, Jurassic and Cretaceous Period.

Finishing off with a workshop on evolution, specifically focusing on how Trilobites adapted to their environment. We used our new knowledge to design our own Trilobite and created it out of clay.

We had so much fun and can’t wait to start our ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ topic next week in Science.’

Monday 29th November 2021

Today we use coloured clay to create a 3D model of the heart. We used red clay to create the aorta and pulmonary vein, then blue clay to create the superior vena cava, inferior vena cava and the pulmonary artery.

We will use our models in our next lesson when we further explore the structure and functions of the heart.