Year 4

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Remote Learning

Remote learning for year 4 is currently available through the Year 4 Class team. Please log into Microsoft teams to access this.

States of Matter

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about States of Matter. We conducted an experiment to see whether a gas can turn into a liquid by using boiling water and ice cubes. The children were able to identify that the steam rising from the boiling water turned into liquid when it touches the ice cubes. The liquid then dripped back into the water.

This reminded us of the water cycle! The children have made their own water cycle in sandwich bags and sellotaped them to our classroom window. We have already started to see water droplets forming on the sides of the bags. Some of these are high up (in the clouds) and other are halfway down the bag (like rain).

Why is this happening? It’s because the water in the bag is being heated up against the sunny window. That water turns into a gas through the process called evaporation. In nature, evaporated water vapor goes into the atmosphere, but in our bag, it has nowhere to go, so it ends up sticking to the sides of the bag, turning back into a liquid as condensation. That condensed water then slides back into the pool of water below as “rain”.

We are so excited to see the changes in our water cycle bags over the next few days!