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Remote learning for year 2 is currently available through the Year 2 Class team. Please log into Microsoft teams to access this.

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Friday 27th May 2022 – Queen Portraits

As part of our Jubilee celebrations, Y2 look at a Brazilian artist called Romero Britto and painted a portrait of the Queen in his style. We loved the bright colours and patterns that he uses.

Wednesday 16th February 2022 – Watercolour painting

Year 2 have been looking at how art can make us feel and expressing emotion through art. This afternoon, we looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky before using our brand-new watercolour paints to do our own versions of one of his works.

Wednesday 26th January 2022 – Science Investigation

This afternoon, Year 2 investigated whether different materials were either waterproof or permeable to decide which material would be best to use for making a diving suit. We used pipettes to drop up to five droplets of water onto 6 different materials and then watched to see whether the water was absorbed or not. We were all surprised to find that tracing paper appeared to be waterproof at first but after waiting for five minutes, the water began to make the paper bubble and crease.

Wednesday 5th January 2022 – Reading Detectives

This morning, Year Two were being reading detectives! We used magnifying glasses and our inference skills to pick out clues from an illustration in our new book.

Thursday 16th December 2021

Year 2 went over to Forest School this morning to help Mrs Luckhurst plant fruit trees for an orchard! There are plum, pear and apple trees and we can’t wait to see them grow!

Thursday 16th December – The Polar Express

Year Two enjoyed watching The Polar Express this afternoon in their dressing gowns and were served hot chocolate and biscuits. It’s definitely starting to feel like Christmas!

Monday 6th December 2021 – Online Science Workshop

‘On Monday 6th December, Year 2 took part in an online science workshop exploring the properties of different materials.’