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KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 pupils at Wolverhampton University presented their science projects with confidence and received… https://t.co/IG8DXvX7Zc

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Here’s Monday’s KS1 problems 😊 https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Here’s Monday’s KS2 problems 😊 https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Good luck with Friday’s problems KS1 https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ KS2 Maths Problem of the Day for Friday 16th March https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l

15.3.18 Please be advised that there is no 'Footiebugs' tonight due to staffing illness at Footiebugs. Thank you!

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔶 Here’s Thursday’s KS2 Problem of the Day 🔶 https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Here’s Thursday’s KS1 Problem of the Day ⭐️ https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔵 Do you know it’s Pi Day tomorrow KS2? Can you think why? We’ve included a circle question for you to celebrate 🎉 http…

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔷Good luck with tomorrow’s problem of the day KS1. Looking forward to seeing your excellent explanations 💭 https://t.co…

Sport Relief 2018 - Monday 19th-23rd March - a week of 'Daley Challenges' and 'a mile a day' for all our children t… https://t.co/uIxnaTS3w9

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Tomorrow’s KS2 Problem of the Day ⭐️ https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Tomorrow’s KS1 problems of the day ⭐️ https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: We hope you’ve had a restful weekend. ⭐️ Here’s tomorrow’s KS1 Problem of the Day. Have fun! https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S h…

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: We’ll be announcing some prizes tomorrow for schools that have been sharing their solutions. ⭐️ Here’s tomorrow KS2 Pro…

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Thursday 8th March KS2 Problem of the Day https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: ⭐️ Thursday 8th March KS1 Problem of the Day https://t.co/BVCWaVJe7S

As part of our celebration of World Maths day, pupils in KS1 & 2 have been taking part in Money Sense workshops in… https://t.co/BfcyjU9IHZ

Don't forget it's the PTA Cake Sale on Friday in the school playground at 3pm 🍰

RT @WhiteRoseMaths: 🔷 Can you work together to solve these problems KS2? https://t.co/3GWpaSD77l



The academy opened in January 2013 and is sponsored by the outstanding Tudor Grange Academy, Solihull. Within a caring Christian ethos, Tudor Grange Primary Academy St James, aims to provide a safe and happy environment which allows every child the opportunity to fulfill their potential and make a valuable contribution to the academy and the wider community.

Tudor Grange Primary Academy St James is also sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Birmingham, and is a Church of England school. We warmly invite prospective parents to visit the academy and look forward to welcoming you into our school.

Miss. S Deakin

Head of School

TG Rewards

We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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