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Remote learning for year 3 is currently available through the Year 3 Class team. Please log into Microsoft teams to access this.

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Year 3 Forest School

Year 3 have had some fun in their short half term of Forest School. They began by playing a duplication game and then refreshing their knowledge about trees, they made models of trees and played a game about tree seeds.

After using their imaginations to create pictures of boats and make up some incredible stories about how they might have arrived in our Forest School the children learnt to tie some knots. They then used this skill to try and make a raft.

In the third week one of the groups faced a challenge with some heavy rain so we had a go at putting up some shelters to keep us dry. They thoroughly welcomed a cup of hot chocolate to warm up! The other group were able to learn some whittling skills and made some stick figures.

Everybody enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the fire after making a toasting stick.

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee the children did some map reading to find all the clues hidden in a jubilee treasure hunt. We then had some time playing a favourite game; Eagle eyes.

Personal Best Festival

On Monday 9th May 2021 Year 3 travelled to Tudor Grange Tennis Courts for a Personal Best Festival. The children had 7 activities that represented sports within the Commonwealth Games. Then were then encouraged to try their best to get the best result they could. All children showed great determination and passion throughout the event, and it was great to see so much teamwork and respect from all children as they cheered each other on. They all had such a wonderful afternoon. Keep an eye out for Miss Fellowes as her Spirit of the Games certificates!

Romans for the day!

Last half term our History topic was all about the Roman invasion in the UK. At the beginning of this half term, we had the pleasure of visiting the Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry for the day. We had such a wonderful time. We were greeted by Roman soldiers as we entered the fort and we weren’t allowed in until we gave them the password which was a word in Latin! We got an outdoor tour of the fort, we learnt how to march like Roman soldiers and got to look at and touch real armour! The best part of the day was the battle drills which we took part in during the afternoon. We showed super listening as we had to be extremely careful not to hurt our opponent. We hope you enjoy looking through our trip photos!

‘Tu-tu’ It’s Recorder Time

Year 3 are so excited to finally take home their recorders for the first time. Every Friday, Year 3 will be learning new notes and songs. We can’t wait to hear what you will be able to play by Summer term. Keep practicing!