Lets invest now…

…in the PTA

We need to speculate to accumulate. To make the most out of our fundraising activities for 2016/17 and beyond we need to spend a little of the money that has been raised over the last couple of years by the amazing committee. This is how we plan to invest some of the money raised:

  1. NOTICE BOARDS – two to be installed at entrances to ensure PTA fundraising activities are promoted effectively.
  2. MARQUEE – to enable the expansion of activities so not restricted by school hall and weather constraints.
  3. INSURANCE/LICENSES – to legally cover all PTA fundraising activities.
  4. SIGNAGE – to effectively promote the fundraising activities.


…in the academy

The PTA has been in action for a couple of academic years, so now its time to invest some of that fundraised money back into the academy. This is how we plan to invest some of that money raised:

  1. FRIENDSHIP STOPS – A friendship stop, is a special place in a school playground where a pupil can go when they want someone to talk to. Other children and staff will recognise this as a sign that some help, support or comfort is needed and will come to talk with the child.


What should we invest in next?

That is the BIG question…

  1. What do the school want to raise money for?
  2. What do the pupils want to raise money for?
  3. What do the parents want to raise money for?

We have some ideas…

pic-9                     pic-10


Lets create an edible garden, where the children can grow their own lunch. The pupils will have the opportunity to learn how to grow easy, quick vegetables and fruit which can be eaten as a part of a healthy lunch.

There are direct benefits of gardening for children are wide ranging:

  • Improves physical and mental well-being
  • Builds life skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication
  • Enhances literacy, numeracy and oracy skills
  • Enriches the entire curriculum from science, math’s and geography, to art, design and languages
  • Encourages a better and healthier lifestyle
  • Teaches about the environment and sustainability
  • Helps young people engage with their surroundings better and develop a sense of responsibility

There are various grants available that will enable us to enhance our academy edible garden, through the RHS through Tesco bags for help scheme, grow wild and food for life organisation.


pic-11                    pic-12