Our Fundraising Structure

There are a huge variety of ways that we can make a difference, and this is how we plan to do it…

Curriculum Enrichment                          


 Enhancing the Environment


Supporting School Project                                                                                                                            




Support Community Events












Student Led Activities



Community Activities

Child Centered Activities                   Family Activities

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  • Website Cash-back Schemes
  • Match Funding Schemes


Sponsorship & Donations

So to hit and exceed our fundraising target the committee and the families of our pupils need to pull some rabbits out of hats…that is to get some generous donations and sponsorship for our fundraising activities this year!

We have three committee members who will focus on sponsorship and donations, but to get the best prizes for our raffles, auctions and stalls we need help from all of our pupils families:


Do you own a business? Could you donate a prize? – beauty salon voucher, meat hamper, photography session…

Where do you work? Would your company donate a prize? – gym membership, restaurant voucher, retail voucher or hamper…

Are yoU creative? Bake cakes? make pottery? make jewellery? Knit?…

What are your hobbies? Do you grow plants? Horse riding experience?..