Forest School

Where My Wellies Take Me?

Year 5’s Forest School Adventure

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their first half term of Forest School. We started by finding out who else lives in the woodland and then creating a few new additions out of clay. Of course these new invertebrates needed a shelter so these were constructed too.

The children have learned to use some tools including secateurs, a bow saw and a sheath knife for whittling. The bow saw was used to cut firewood but some children decided they would like a souvenir and took to cutting tree cookies instead – great teamwork involved in using this fearsome looking tool.

They were taught some knots including a slip knot; a little practise still required here!

A highlight of their time outside was making a fire and using it to cook baked apples – yum!

Some children developed their culinary skills further and created an Indian banquet on the mud kitchen, it looked spectacular.

The children enjoyed getting muddy and making mysterious mud faces on the trees.

They also played lots of outdoor games – ‘Vanish’ being a favourite. They enjoyed learning the traditional song – In and Out The Dusty Bluebells, getting in a bit of a tangle with the actions.

All in all we have had great time enjoying being outside, discovering our natural environment and learning new skills. Thank you Year 5 for joining in so well and giving everything a try.