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Year 5 Dodgeball Festival 2021

On Monday 6th December 2021, 6 Year 5 pupils travelled to Lode Heath Secondary School for a Dodgeball Festival. When we arrived, the children played against 8 teams from schools across the Solihull borough. After each game, the teams scored their opposing teams on 3 key Spirit of the Games values: Honesty, Teamwork and Respect. At the end of the festival, we waited nervously to hear the top 3 teams from the days event. We were over the moon when we were announced as the 3rd place winners! We were also asked to select one member of our team that we thought demonstrated the 3 values to the most. It was a very hard decision. But well done to Yusuf, who was our selected winner.

We were so proud of you all! Congratulations!