Year 6 Residential 2021

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Our Time at Plas Gwynant By Amarni

My class went to Plas Gwynant Outdoor Education Centre as our residential and I absolutely loved it. It was an experience that we will always remember.

We went with TGPA Haselor and spent the whole week bonding with them while still learning new things about our own classmates.

On our first day we were sent to our rooms to unpack and sort out our sleeping arrangements. After we had sorted that out we went down and got some roles, I was the weather girl. Once we had all got our roles we had some hot chocolate, did our diary’s and went to bed.

My favourite day was Tuesday because we went abseiling and canoeing.

First up was canoeing. Red group got split in half, one half went with Mrs Daly and one half went with Mrs Knowles . I got to go with Mrs Knowles.

Our first task was to canoe from one side of the lake to the other.

Once we had got to the other side we climbed onto Elephant Rock and some of us jumped in.

When I jumped in I felt as though I had forgotten how to swim it was so

cold! While I waited for everyone to have a go I witnessed Ziba lose her glasses at the bottom of the lake and Thomas lose a wellie.

The day I found the hardest was Wednesday because we went mountain climbing but in the end we all pulled together and helped each other through.

During the trip I felt as though I had learnt a lot of skills that would help me in the future I also felt as though I had bonded with my friends on a deeper level. It was a trip to remember.

Memories of Plas Gwynant By Eleanor

Year six went to Plas Gwynant outdoor education centre, 11.10.21-15.10.21. We all had an amazing experience. We were all put into three groups and those groups did different things each day.

We all did these activities:

  • Canoeing
  • Abseiling
  • Mountain climbing
  • Beach morning
  • Gorge walking

These were all amazing but my personal favourite was abseiling. To get to the place we walked down the big drive of Plas Gwynant to this big rock. It wasn’t as big as a cliff but it was probably about 5ish metres. We got harnessed up and we climbed up the rock to then abseil down. You would abseil down the rock with a partner. You would have an opportunity to do all of these activities but if you don’t want to then the instructors won’t force you.

When we did canoeing, we had the option to jump of this rock called Elephant Rock into the lake. It’s a fun and amazing experience.

Whenever we had a meal there would be a food waste bucket for all the food waste to go in. Someone would always measure the amount of food waste and then announce the amount. The goal would be to get the food waste below a kilogram.

Plas Gwynant is very cautious about climate change and have a project called footsteps. Footsteps is all about climate change and it is trying to help and try and reduce the amount of pollution we are making.

Overall it was an amazing experience.